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Information from Deutsche Post DHL customer portal

Information from Deutsche Post DHL customer portal

Dear Customers,

The onset of winter with lots of snow, ice and uncleared roads have led to longer delivery times for Deutsche Post and DHL. In some cases, it has not been possible to deliver parcels at all in the past few days due to the wintry road conditions. The cancellation of public transport services in some cases has also meant that Deutsche Post and DHL employees were unable to reach their workplaces. 

In some operating sites, backlogs have built up which can only be cleared in the coming days – subject to weather conditions and progress in clearing the snow. “We are doing everything we can to minimize the restrictions in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein as much as possible, but unfortunately the weather conditions are complicated,” says the regional business unit manager of Deutsche Post and DHL North, Manfred Eisenträger. “Our duty of care towards our employees is our top priority. Some roads are not passable for the delivery staff because the roads are not adequately cleared and individual letterboxes and branches are also inaccessible.” Customers need to be prepared for this and will receive letters and parcels with a delay in the coming days. Deutsche Post and DHL asks its customers for their understanding for possible delays over the next few days.

This also has a direct impact on our capabilities to inject your volumes to the sorting centers in the Northern part of Germany. The backlogs force the sorting centers to reject further volumes until the existing volumes has been processed. On a daily basis we look into alternative injection points and re-route where possible. We are doing everything we can to inject your new volumes AND at the same time we communicate the need of having the existing volumes in the German sorting centers scanned/processed. Please be aware that you may experience new parcels scanned before “old” parcels. We are confident that the parcels will be scanned very soon. Of cause you are welcome to contact our Customer Service team. However, for parcels with only EDI (and no scans yet) we cannot start individual investigations. They are all handled by our “Network Performance & Transport Solution” team as one total volume to be investigated by the German sorting centers. 

Please be sure that everyone is doing everything they can to improve the situation.  

Please notice that 7/12-23 is a public holiday in Milano area and 8/12-23 is public holiday in entire Italy.

Thank you for your patience!

Best regards,

Team Parcel4you