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The latest delivery updates from our network are listed below:

Belgium - A national strike on March 10 affecting all sectors

Dear Customer,

A national strike affecting all sectors and industries is scheduled to take place in Belgium on March 10. We expect this to cause disruption on Belgian roads, which will impact all businesses.

We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact on our services, but we feel it is important to update you.

The pick-up and delivery of your parcels and letters on Friday March 10 may be disrupted, while deliveries of parcels and letters in the days following may also be delayed if we have to clear any backlog.

We will notify your customers through our Track & Trace and My bpost app that their parcel may be delivered later due to the national strike.

Rest assured that we are here to answer any questions you may have and we want to thank you for your understanding in these exceptional circumstances.


For team bpost,


Strike in Posti Finland ended, however strike in harbor continues - what to expect

Dear customer,

We have faced a strike among the employees at POSTI in Finland. The strike at POSTI has ended and we expect the backlog within the POSTI network to be processed within the coming days.

However, the strike continues in the harbor blocking for arrival of trailers and containers from the respective ferries. For the time being we have no information about how long the strike will last.

As your volumes are transported from injection point in Germany to Finland by ferry, your volumes are unfortunately expected to be delayed and for the time being, we have no insight in for how long. Volumes might have been affected back from February 10th. If the parcel has at least first scan in Finland, you can expect a normal flow. If the parcel has export scan from Germany but no new scan in Finland, the parcel is most likely part of the volumes stucked in the harbor due to the strike. Unfortunately, we have no possibility to influence the flow of these parcels. 

We will follow the situation closely and as soon as we have new information, we will share this with you.

We are of cause very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you!

Team Parcel4you