I'm a consumer / end-user. Can I send a parcel with Parcel4You?

Sorry we can’t help you. Parcel4you only provides services to online retailers and businesses including large retailers.

I’m a consumer / end-user. My parcel has gone return and I am told to contact P4U.

We are a business partner which means we cannot assist you and you need to contact your webshop where the parcel was ordered.

P4U cannot stop a parcel that has already gone return, neither can the webshop. You are to place a new order at the webshop.

Our company would like to begin exporting products to several countries. Can Parcel4you advise us?

Yes, we can. Parcel4you are experts on Europe and cross-border e-commerce. We provide our customers with distribution and return shipping solutions worldwide, with a focus on European destinations. Click here to contact your local sales representative at P4U to discuss your specific needs and options.

Can I integrate my existing e-commerce platform with Parcel4you to make shipping simple?

Yes, you can. Parcel4you offers single web interface solutions that are really easy to implement in your e-commerce module. We provide plugins for various software platforms and user friendly manuals for the IT integration. Our IT support team will be available to assist you.

Can I view transit times and rates before I ship?

Based on your service requirements we will provide you a tailor-made offer, including the expected distribution rates and transit times per country or postal code. This will enable you to inform your consumers in advance about the distribution costs and the cost of returns.

How do I make a pick-up request or a pick-up cancellation?

We advise to contact our sales representative to specify what you need. We can arrange a pick-up or place you on an existing linehaul run by us. All bookings and pick-ups are pre-alerted and confirmed. Click here for more information.

Can I print a shipping label twice from the label station in customer pages?

Yes, you can, and it’s cost free, as you only pay for labels that receive a scan in the network. Just go to the print option and choose reprint label. This option is only applicable for re-printing the label. You can’t change the delivery address.

Is it possible to change the adress on the parcel I sent to Parcel4You?

For some countries it’s not possible – Germany and the Netherlands. For other countries we will try on your behalf. An address change is not guaranteed and for some partners there is a cost to it. Our trusted Customer service team will inform you of such costs prior to your confirmation.

What are the documents required to send a parcel outside the EU?

For any country that is not a member of the EU, a parcel needs to contain a commercial invoice inside and a CN22 label affixed to the outside of the parcel. This applies for parcels with a maximum value of €425.

For parcels with a commercial value over €425 you will need to affix a CN23 label to the outside. 2 invoices outside the parcel and 1 invoice inside is also required.

Can we send parcels to UK?

Yes you can, and much easier than you think. P4U have various partnerships to accommodate your request. UK shipping and Brexit can be confusing, and we therefor advise you to begin by applying for a GB EORI number so you can get started. – Get it here.

Once you are ready, click here to contact our sales representative who will help determine which service and set-up suits your business best.

How do I make a loss/damage claim for a shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

Once you are signed as a P4U client and sender, we will guide you through every step of a claim. Compensations for loss or damage depends on the selected service and partner. You will receive all guides and an introduction from our customer service team where all such questions will be answered.

At we will reply to your claim/inquiry. Remember to always add the sales invoice and tracking number of your shipment.

I have just made an order online, when is my shipment going to arrive?

For more information about your order please contact the customer service department of your online retailer/ Webshop. P4U cannot reply to your inquiry, as we are a middle-link for business customers and are not legally obliged to assist you.

Please note that you will receive notifications or your order once it’s scanned into the local network.

Can we choose a return service without facilitating the outbound service?

Yes this is possible. We can sign you up for a return service only where you will have access to a service that facilitates returns from 18 European countries (and the UK). Click here to contact P4U sales for more information and a proposal.

Please note that you will receive notifications or your order once it’s scanned into the local network.

What are the options to create a return parcel?

You have 2 options:

Free to consumer postoffice

Returns via local post office / supplier – in the country of return

Consumer receives a pre-paid return label

Available in 19 countries

Fast and reliable delivery times to a local hub

Paid by consumer

Consumer pays for the delivery costs to a local hub

Parcels receive a scan in the local hub

Also available in 19 countries

How to generate a return parcel?

Log onto customer pages under your account name.

Select “ReturnYourParcel”.

Select “Generate return code”

Provide the order number of the parcel and add the text: – RETURN.

Select the country the parcel is being returned from.

Select one of the 2 return options – Free to consumer or Paid by consumer.

Choose “Generate return label” or “Download label” and you’re ready to go.