From Far East directly to end users

Case #02

From Far East directly to end users

The customer has production in Far East, from which the products are sent directly to end users in most the EU countries, those outside EU and to the United States.

They use two major and leading suppliers – one per each continent. They use the two different operating systems, as each vendor has his own. The customer therefore lacks a comprehensive overview.

In addition, the customer learns that the suppliers are not always competitive in each market. The customer will have a smarter and sharper solution.

Are you experiencing similar challenges?


Experts from Parcel4you introduce several possibilities for improvement.

To begin with, Parcel4you introduces a joint IT platform, that can manage all the parcels and shipments, regardless of which vendor they are sent with.

Secondly Parcel4you submits a proposal with an overview of services, transport times, last mile distributor and prices in each country.

Customer benefits

  • A joint IT platform, that provides an overview of all shipments worldwide
  • Sharp prices – using the best supplier to the price per each country
  • Good service – personal customer service that sets the customer in focus.

”Choosing the right partner and services can be a difficult task to handle due to numerous players at the market. To find the right one is the half of the success.

Parcel4you always provides competitive solutions, direct customer service and their team is easy to get in touch with.

The key to our successful cooperation and continuous partnership is the fact, that we can always count on Parcel4you to come up with a solution and deliver.”

Are you experiencing similar challenges?